Hunting August Moon

Hunting August Moon
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781940275109
Family is more than just blood - it's caring. And when someone tries to capture August, his family reacts. The results are deadly.
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About the Book

Forget the patter telling you about the plot. Here’s what you need to know: zombies, apocalypse, vampires, Las Vegas, werewolves and a mad doctor.

Some of the people in the plot include: August Moon – of course! He’s in the title! Jed and Maddie, the best love story since Princess Bride (not really, but close). Sam who is more than he appears, and he readily admits it. Red Fae, who deserves her own book after being in this one.

Some of those are bad people, but none as bad as Dr. M.D. Davenfeld, who will stop at nothing to find August and get him back, because…

What? You want me to tell you the whole book?

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